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The program I share with Quilt Guilds is on the subject of Organizing and is entitled:
Conquering Your Quilt Room

This presentation is done in a light-hearted, as well as educational manner. Attendees will get to see a Power Point presentation that gives clear and concrete ideas of how to organize one’s voluminous stash and everything else us quilters need and keep. Learn how to properly organize all the “supporting cast members” in one’s studio or quilting area (tools, accessories, and notions).
Since I don’t sell a product, I have no bias about what organizing products to use – so I share them all!
Your guild members will walk away with tips on:
1. How to begin the Organizing Process
2. How to manage time and space appropriately
3. How to repurpose items they may already own to organize for less money.
4. Steps to begin the process
Attendees will learn that obtaining efficiency can be economical to achieve, and not as overwhelming as previously thought.
I have been a speaker for nearly three decades and I have presented many programs on the areas of Time Management, Efficiency, and Productivity.
Let me teach your guild members how to become better organized so they can have more time to actually quilt!

Call me at 805-570-6660 or email me at jshulem@gmail.com

“Your lecture and slide show on getting organized was such a big help to me, especially in tackling the chaos in my sewing room. Setting a time limit and starting on one small area helped me take that proverbial ‘first step.’

I was able to go through boxes of flannel baby fabric in no time. Metallic fabrics were also easy to part with. The reward is a feeling of accomplishment and the extra space gained, and the beautiful de-cluttered look! It is well worth the effort.
Thank you! Thank you!”

~ Doris Gilman