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For the discerning client, commissionable pieces are welcome. Custom-created art quilts make a beautiful addition to not only a home, but to office lobby areas, client waiting rooms, board rooms, and anywhere that color would benefit the space.

Since I have an art degree and design interiors I can assist you with deciding on the best size, theme, and colors to bring into the space you are considering. If you already have an idea, we can determine together what you wish me to create for you.

Completely unsure of what you want, yet know you need something for a space? Just call and I will gladly coach you through the process and see what I can do to meet your needs.

Commissions are all custom created and you should allow two to four months for a piece of art to be fabricated. The work in my Gallery is a representation of what I can do…so far, I haven’t found something I cannot create using fabrics and dyes.

Let me create for you!